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Hello readers!

It seems that when I like or comment on a post, if someone is curious enough to click on me, they are directed to this blog.

Whilst this blog is full of some of my best stories, and wonderful tales, it is alas, now full. I don’t pay for wordpress, so I have hit my limit on this this blog, and therefore started a new one, with a different slant…

Please read my blog here, but also check out

A blog about what happened when I stopped having adventures abroad, and started a brand new one at home – rediscovering where I came from and trying to decide what to do next!

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Rediscovering home…

I didn’t meant to stop writing! I promise!

I had so many things to write about whirling about in my head that none of it came out!

But as always I DO have a lot to say! Last year was a good year for Graceeliz – 10 more months in Australia, a skip through Bali, a warm welcome home, a hop over to France and then a merry Christmas with all my family.

Now… unlike most years I am not heading off an another adventure.. I am going to have one right here.

I am planning to live the way I lived in Spain, Slovakia and Australia – right here. That is to say I will explore, discover, go on adventures and make the most of life here in England – rediscovering the home I grew up in and figuring out if it might be where I lay some roots.

And I will do my best to document it all here

So please join me readers – i wouldn’t have written as much as I have done without knowing I have people looking forward to reading up on my adventures! I have a very very dear friend who enjoys sitting down in front of my blog with a glass of wine – I hope the next one will be just as interesting for her.

See you there!