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500 trumps!

500 trumps

I learnt a new card game last week called 500. I had never played it before and since I had a few glasses of wine each time I played, I found part of it rather funny.

A trump is a trick, of course I knew that, but in my country it also means fart.

So, having the childish mind that I have and fuelled by a bit of vino I giggled my way through the first few games. I was told to trump as often as I could, and told that everyone was trumping, so I should trump too. I was also made aware that it was possible to overtrump, and that it’s always a good idea to have a trump up your sleeve. Everybody trumps when they get the chance, if you don’t have that card: throw a trump, if your partner trumps, you win the points. Watch out for other people trumping… oh it went on and on and I was in fits of childish titters by the end.

What fun!