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the chook

The chook… ( see previous post for this first installment of this busy day!)

After a rather rubbish start to the day, having a lost a ten grand bike because no one got up to check… I try to keep the children animated and organise a treasure hunt in secret whilst they are watching a film out of the midday sun. (This is my favourite time to be outside, because the winter sun is nice and warm and does what I need it to do, but of course here in Queensland no one enjoys the sun the way I do)

I get really into my treasure hunt and write inventive clues in imaginative places. I even enlist the Labradors to help, asking Maggie kindly to hold onto a clue in her collar. I do a run around once it’s complete and make sure all clues are coherent, cleverly placed and far enough apart to get them running around a bit.

We start. 4 kids, all two years apart in age, start racing around trying to outsmart each other to find each clue first and I am feeling pretty chuffed with myself until disaster strikes.

One of my clues is in the chook pen. So they race down there and open the door. The rest happens rather in slow motion. The door to the chook pen is left open as they are searching for the clue (hidden amongst today’s eggs) despite my screams from the other side of the yard to shut it. Two dopey chooks think it’s time to go out for a peck and out they strut, just as Milo, the male Labrador cottons onto the situation. Like lightening he is across the yard, followed by Missy and Maggie who copy whatever Milo does. Chooks squawk, I screech louder. The kids come out of the chook pen and stand in daze/shock/disbelief as Milo lunges for a chook and gets her first hit. The other chook runs the other way, whilst the dogs fight over who gets to break the chook’s neck.

This story does have a happy ending. I am screaming at the children and the dogs (you should know I cannot get there fast enough to break up the fun) and the other chook who has run away. The two lady dogs lose interest and Milo runs off with his prize clamped in his mouth. Stupidly when K comes out to see what all the fuss is about, he pokes his head up out of the grass, chook still in his mouth and the chase ensues. K is now running across the yards, after Milo screaming blue murder at him. He gets caught, severely bollocked and miraculously the dear chook survives! We put her back on her perch and to my knowledge she hasn’t fallen off yet.

I am so pleased I didn’t blow up a bike and kill a chook in one day!