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A relaxing afternoon wandering around the Botanical Gardens at my leisure was the order of

the day last week as I needed a much deserved bit of “me time” and what better place to do it than there?

I started at the Shrine of Remembrance, a huge monument erected to honour those who fought in the war. It’s a fairly distinctive monument, doesn’t blow you away with architectural splendor, but makes a point and deserves a visit. It also as great views of the Central Business District (CBD).

From there I ambled into the gardens, pausing at the map, wondering if I should try and seek one out. Some of you will know I do not like entering such places without a map, for fear of missing something. I managed to calm the control freak inside by promising myself I could revisit on a number of occasions and just enjoy not knowing where I was going for once. So that I did. I walked for a bit, sat for a bit, walked again for a bit sat for a bit and repeated the process until i deemed myself relaxed enough to leave the tranquility of the gardens and head home.

That seems all a bit safe and easy doesn’t it? Not really a Grace-like episode is it?

Well, I did follow some signposts to the Tea Terrace, as that seemed a good place to head towards. I knew that I only had $4.83 in my bank account (sad I know) and was going to be paid the next day, so decided to spend my precious last few dollars on a cup of tea ( yes bloody expensive). But what could be nicer, i thought to myself. than sitting in the Botanical Gardens with my book, enjoying a well deserved cuppa?

I went into the cafe eagerly scanning the menu for the best way to spend my meagre $4.83. Unfortunately it didn’t stretch to a cuppa and a cake (cruelly displayed in front of me) but for $3.90 I could have Chai Latte. That’s more exciting than a cup of tea, and totally worth my pennies! I ordered it, handed over my card to the girl, who points at the sign saying “Minimum card payment of $15” Ouch! Crestfallen, I took my card back and said “ok then, no thanks”. A nice bit of acting ensured she knew how much I wanted that latte, so she looked around and agreed to take my card. There is a latte god! I thanked her, not profusely, I wasn’t that desperate and walked away from the counter. On my way to the door I stopped to look at a wedding photo ( I totally deserved what was coming now I think of it) and briefly daydreamed about getting married here when I saw a mosquito land on my arm. Latte in one and, bag in the other and not close enough to a table I panicked: hit the mosquito and drop the latte, or keep the latte and let it bite me? It bit me.

So that’s how I got my first mosquito bite in Australia. Dreaming about a wedding in the Botanical Gardens, not wanting to drop my much needed latte bought with my last few cents.

The gardens were pretty though, here are the pics…

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Many years ago I met someone who said: "Don't know what you want to do with your life? Teach English as a foreign language, then you can travel the world. Best thing I've ever done!" That got me thinking. Research was done. Course booked in Barcelona. Certificate gained. 5 years living in Barcelona working as an English teacher. Done! Where to next? Check out my blog! 5 years in Barcelona, 6 months in Slovakia, 2 years in Australia... and now I am home in Somerset. We'll see if I can stop the itch in my feet...

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