Australian adventure

Just over 3 months after arriving back in the UK and my clothes are sitting in neatly folded piles, waiting to go into my suitcase again…

Flight, travel insurance, visa, money: Check. Plan: not applicable.

After a few drizzly months claiming to be summer, some hard slog teaching, indulgence of mum’s cooking, mum and dad’s wine cellar and sleeping in my own bed, my feet started to itch again and the plans I made in my head about 7 years ago have materialised finally so that on Monday I will be taking off again to…. Australia!

Why Australia? Why so far? Why for so long? What are you going to do there?

Well 7 years ago a friend and I dragged two suitcases round New Zealand and up and down the East coast of Australia sampling the weather, the sea, the easy going lifestyle, the breathtaking scenery, the beer and getting hooked on fun. There was something about the attitude to life and the promising sun that took a hold of me and I got back on that plane promising myself I would return one day, on a working holiday visa and do it properly. So now it’s time.

The “so long/so far” answer is that Australia is the other side of the world, maybe if it was closer it would be less appealing? Europe has made me really tired the last few years. I feel I have been working very hard for very little reward and I need a change of pace, a change of scene and to be honest, fancy a little less of a challenge and a bit more fun. The year? Well, it really isn’t worth going that far for any less time.

What am I going to do there? Well, I am going to arrive in Melbourne, go straight to the tv studios for Neighbours and get famous of course! No, what I am actually going to do is fly to Melbourne, spend some much needed time with a dear friend and then see what happens.

I’ve got about 1000 Australian dollars to my name, I have some phone numbers of schools to call on arrival, I’m taking only 20kgs with me and bags and bags of enthusiasm and willingness to last at least a year. Will I teach? Maybe. Will I stay in Melbourne for the year? Probably not. I do plan to avoid winter this year, as I was unfairly dealt two last year ( UK and Slovakia).

Oh, and by the way, I’m stopping in Kuala Lumpur on the way for 4 days, just to throw something else into the mix, and visit a continent that is totally new to me.

So, join me on my walkabout down under…


About graceeliz

Many years ago I met someone who said: "Don't know what you want to do with your life? Teach English as a foreign language, then you can travel the world. Best thing I've ever done!" That got me thinking. Research was done. Course booked in Barcelona. Certificate gained. 5 years living in Barcelona working as an English teacher. Done! Where to next? Check out my blog! 5 years in Barcelona, 6 months in Slovakia, 2 years in Australia... and now I am home in Somerset. We'll see if I can stop the itch in my feet...

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  1. SOOOOOOOO exciting/ excited!!!

  2. Hello grace, wow that is an adventure. Just wanted to say best of luck and wen u get to kl make sure u take a trip to batu caves and china town. Keep bloging I’ll b following ur travels xx

  3. Good Luck!!! My love and best wishes will be with you all the way to the other side of the world! xxxxx

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