Viennese Waltz

And so to Vienna on a hot April Saturday to enjoy Easter Markets and Viennese wine…

The first time I went to Vienna was in March with mum and dad. I never had time to blog it and this post is well overdue, but nevertheless here.

So it was a pleasant 15 degrees with ma and pa and we marvelled at the vibrant contrasts of such an alive city back in March. This time at 25 degrees, it was brighter, warmer and tasted a lot better…

First stop was Naschmarkt  – a long street od market stalls offering fresh fruit, vegetables, cakes, cheese, flowers, spices, with restaurants tucked in between them and a flea market at the end with thousands of impractical items at even more impractical prices.

Next stop: Famous Café Central where the likes of Hemingway and Freud wouod frequent to sit and ponder life. Perhaps it was the glass of fizzy wine in the sunshine at the market that clouded my judgement, allowing me to hand over 10 euros in exchange for a cup of ( not very hot) coffee, a piece of cake a very little change. It IS all about the experience though, and one stomachs the price to say that they’ve been there, done that and taken the photo.

Next on the Vienna to-do list was the Easter Egg market in Freyung and market stalls in Am Hof. I had read about the Easter markets of Vienna, where they boast to have the highest number of decorated eggs in Europe. I wasn’t what to expect until I rounded a stall and was confronted with an Aladdin’s cave of decorated eggs! They were the most intricate and beautifully designed eggs I could have ever imagined. All handpainted and on display for up to 8 or 9€ each, people buy them, decorate their houses up until Easter and then give them away as gifts over Easter. I did get a bit snap happy, as I marvelled at their intricacy and couldn’t stop myself talking photos.

A stroll through the centre in amongst the crowds to get a glimpse of Stephansdom Cathedral before jumping on the metro, allowed for a few photos I hadn’t got round to taking last time. The metro took us to Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens where we arrived too late to go inside ( so much time spent at previous distractions) but enjoyed yet another Easter market, complete this time with delicious freshly cooked potato salad, Viennese wine and Elderflower cocktail and a pink cubed cake.

A trip wouldn’t be complete without missing the train because we’d (shock horror) underestimated distances and times, had another glass of wine, chips and generally just had a very good day. Missed train was rectified in a bar, and we arrived back in Bratislava in time for the last bus from the bus station feeling that we had eaten, drunk and sightseen sufficiently to tick all the boxes of Easter weekend, save for tomorrow’s lighter excursion…

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Many years ago I met someone who said: "Don't know what you want to do with your life? Teach English as a foreign language, then you can travel the world. Best thing I've ever done!" That got me thinking. Research was done. Course booked in Barcelona. Certificate gained. 5 years living in Barcelona working as an English teacher. Done! Where to next? Check out my blog! 5 years in Barcelona, 6 months in Slovakia, 2 years in Australia... and now I am home in Somerset. We'll see if I can stop the itch in my feet...

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